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Daily Schedule



7:45-8:30                Silent Reading/ Morning Work

8:30-9:50                Literacy

9:50-10:10               Physical Activity (Duty Wed.)

10:10-11:25              Reading Groups

11:25-11:55              Lunch (Duty Thurs.)

12:00-12:45             Activity

M- Art             Th- Comp. Lab/ Counselor

                                                        T- GT               F- Music

                                                        W- PE

12:50-1:50                       Math

1:50-2:10                 Physical Activity (Duty Wed.)

2:20-3:00                Science/ Soc. Studies

                                                        W- Health (2:20-2:40)

  Th- Library (2:20-3:00)

3:00                 End of the Day Procedures

Sheena Ashlock

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