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Welcome to Choir

Please Read the full choir handbook below:

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This may be updated during the year if needed. Please check it occasionally!


Welcome Back

Please be sure you bring a pencil and paper with you to class. For the first few weeks we will be doing some note taking on rules and procedures.

Choir Days of the Week

Musician Mondays: We will learn about a musician or group, or possibly evaluate some performances.

Technique Tuesdays: We will learn about vocal technique for various styles, as well as learning how the voice works and how to keep it healthy.

Warm Up Wednesdays: We will work on a new or favorite warm up

Theory Thursday: We will work on learning about written notation and how it works.

Fun Friday: If behavior and/or time allows, we will spend part of class doing a fun musical activity.


Jessica Young-Spooner

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Jessica Young-Spooner

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